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Welcome to SyNeRGy Lab

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Welcome to the Synergy Laboratory, short for the Systems, Networking & Renaissance Grokking Laboratory. The Synergy Lab, previously known as RADIANT, moved to Virginia Tech from Los Alamos National Laboratory in January 2006. The SyNeRGy Lab is now part of Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. It is affiliated with the NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC) and designated as an NVIDIA Cuda Research Center.

Associated projects include the Green500, Supercomputing in Small Spaces (a.k.a. Green Supercomputing), Biocomputing (including mpiBLAST), and MyVICE.

As part of the Biocomputing project, please see our modest initial efforts towards computing a cure for cancer via Microsoft’s cloud commercials, which ran worldwide from February to August 2015: [30-sec commercial] [100-sec commercial]

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