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Mike Warren and his N-body code running on two RLX clusters

Mike Warren and his 10 million N-body cosmology code running on each of two RLX System 324 clusters, one with 24 ServerBlade 633s (top) and the other with 24 ServerBlade 667s.

Back of rack containing RLX clusters

The back of the rack holding the two RLX clusters and a conventional VA/Linux cluster. (The fan is for the VA/Linux cluster. The RLX clusters ran cool even with the front doors open during the show.)

Gina Fisk showing RLX clusters

Gina Fisk, a member of the RADIANT team, showing the RLX clusters.

LANL booth at SC2001

Los Alamos National Laboratory's booth at SC 2001.

RADIANT portion of LANL booth

The RADIANT team's portion of the Los Alamos National Laboratory booth.

The following high-resolution images are also available: